Ways You Can Help So That We Can Help The Street Cats Around The Rethymno Area


We can only help the stray cats in Crete with the help of more people like ourselves who are committed to helping cats and other animals and who will volunteer to give their time, support and/or funding.

Fostering:If you are local to Rethymno we desperately need foster parents. Kittens must be over 4 months old before they can be rehomed abroad. Could you provide a loving home for a family of kittens until they can be moved to their forever home? If you have your own animals this is even better so that the kittens can become accustomed to living with other pets. Food, bedding, medication, toys etc are all provided.

Cat Trapping / Help on Neutering Days: Could you help us trap cats in the Rethymno area and then if possible release them the next day? Neutering sessions are held once every month or so at local vets.

Airport Runs: Do you regularly go to Chania or Heraklion airport? Or do you enjoy driving and have time to help? We need drivers to take cats to the airport from Rethymno. Either driving only or also learning how to check the cats into their flight and meeting the escorts at the airport. Petrol expenses re-imbursed.

Vet Runs:Could you collect cats and take them to our vet in Rethymno for microchipping, vaccinations etc?

Flight Escorts: We regularly rehome cats in Germany and Switzerland. If you are flying or know someone who is flying with Aegean, Lufthansa, Germanwings, or another airline that allows pets could you/they escort the animal/s for us? Some travel in the hold, some in the cabin, depending on size and how many other animals are booked on the flight. All expenses for the aimals are covered by Cretan Cat-a-List.

Other Ways To Help

Feed Stray Cats In Your Area: We can support you with the cost of feeding and also with neutering if you're local to Rethymno.

Take Sick Cats To Our Vet: If you are on holiday in Rethymno and see a sick/injured cat that you are concerned about you can take it to our vet who is used to working with street cats. He has traps that you can collect and speaks some English. Sick and injured cats, kittens who are unable to fend for themselves are our priority, but if you are concerned about an animal by all means take it to a vet to seek help.

Raise Awareness: Like our Facebook Page and share it with your friends and family so they can see the work we do.

Donate: If sending money is the easiest option that is wonderful but you can also send us parcels with medicines, special cat food, cat beds, toys, traps, heat pads etc. Drop us an email to see what we need.